While I intend to keep Nexxgen Media as flexible and open as possible, especially in its early stages, when its structure is optimal, every company needs direction.  Just this week, Nexxgen Media was officially granted registered sole proprietorship-status by the Manitoba Provincial Government and Canada Revenue Agency, so I’m free to move ahead with planning for Nexxgen.  Currently Nexxgen’s only assets are GPS Obsessed, a blog covering GPS technology, and the domain names purchased for the company.  Keeping things simple, the first thing I need to do is get an official website up and running.  Right now, this blog serves as the unofficial website and a filter for any ideas that may run through my head, but an official website is in the works.  GPS Obsessed started a couple months back and is slowly getting off the ground, but with me being the sole employee of Nexxgen Media at this time, the daily maintenance of the blog is a challenge and must be balanced with the demands of two other jobs that are paying the bills for my wife and I at the moment.  If all goes well, the blog will be optimized well enough to do fairly well come fourth quarter of 2008 and if it does I’m planning on hiring a full-time writer for the site at which point I’ll launch another.

Because Nexxgen Media is a “new media experiment”, it will of course feature an online video component, and by summer of this year I hope to have the groundwork laid for an online technology show that will feature a twist from the current offerings.  Of course, as things developed, you’ll be privy to anything and everything via this blog.

This blog serves as a bit of a personal site as well and because I have varied interests ranging from ultramarathoning to genomics, you’ll serve the occasional out-of-place article related to my personal interests.  Oh and by the way, if I do draw up a loose short-term business plan for Nexxgen Media in the next couple of months, I’ll make it completely accessible here as well.


Welcome To Nexxgen Media!

February 10, 2008

What is Nexxgen Media?  I guess you could say Nexxgen Media is shorthand for next-generation media, or new media.  You know, web TV, blogging, vlogging, all that fun stuff.  But it’s also something else.  Nexxgen Media is a new media company run out of Winnipeg, Manitoba (well, not exactly run, it’s in its planning stages) that focuses on innovations in new media.  Now that’s pretty open and general and it’s meant to be.  I plan to run Nexxgen Media without a traditional business plan or organizational structure in order to take advantage of opportunities in the new media world as they happen.  As followers of new media know, the industry landscape is rapidly changing and companies that succeed need to have an extremely flexible organizational structure.  That said, Nexxgen Media could be said to be more of an open experiment than a business in the traditional sense even though a profit is the end goal.

Nexxgen Media, the blog, will act as a tool to track the evolution of Nexxgen Media, the company, as it grows and an educational tool to share the learning process with other new media entrepreneurs.  Not only will it act as a content management system for Nexxgen Media the company, but will feature a healthy dose of commentary from me on issues in the new media and emerging technology industries.  I hope you enjoy watching a startup grow!