Loic Le Meur Discusses Social Maps, Nexxgen Media Launches Social Graph Central

April 2, 2008

Over the weekend Loic Le Meur kicked off a conversation in the blogosphere about the centralization of our web personalities. Le Meur is an avid believer in our personal blogs being our central hub on the web. I agree with him, but as the internet evolves, we’re seeing ourselves spread out into different social networks, aggregators, etc. The conversation revolved around a social map Le Meur drew that visualized how he was connected on the internet with his blog being the central point. I found the concept so interesting that I set up Social Graph Central, a blog solely dedicated to showcasing social maps drawn by or hand or by software, of netizens. I encourage you to email me at juskai at shaw dot ca with yours and I’ll either post it for you or set you up as an author on the blog so you can contribute yourself. Let’s make this the world’s largest collection of social maps, centralized. Check out the video above of Le Meur discussing the whole conversation.


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