Raising Money For William Kamkwamba

July 19, 2007

This posting was originally written a few days back now but was rudely taken away by a tripped circuit which my computer was inconveniently on.

I don’t think I really need to tell the story of William Kamkwamba and the Malawi Windmill in this posting.  It’s already been done many times over.  If you don’t know what I’m talking about, just Google his name and you’ll have everything explained to you for about 100 pages of search results. 


William Kamkwamba (taken from http://williamkamkwamba.typepad.com)

 He is a remarkable young man that will do wonders for his country of Malawi.  Brilliant, talented, and hungry for knowledge, 19-year-old William was forced to leave school at the tender age of 14 due to affordability issues.  He didn’t miss a beat though and created a windmill that provided power to his home from a template in a book about electricity and the rest is history.  I’m attempting to raise $1500 for William’s education by December 30, 2007.  I’ve set up a fundraising page dedicated to the project at ChipIn.com where money can be donated into a PayPal account set up to be transferred to him at the end of the year.  If you’re not sure about donating via my ChipIn page, I believe that William has a ChipIn widget set up on his blog that allows donations straight to his account.  I think that donations over $50 are also matched by a private donor!  If anything, check out his blog and read his remarkable story.  You’ll be inspired!


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