Four Eyed Monsters Saga Continues

July 4, 2007

Back on June 11 I conducted an interview with creator and co-star of “Four Eyed Monsters” Arin Crumley.  Being preoccupied with the social startup planning, I haven’t been able to touch base with him to see where things are currently at.  I did take at look at the website tonight though and as of today, 26 days after its initial release on YouTube, the feature length film has been viewed 667, 480 times and has raised $33, 345 via its partnership with  Definitely impressive for a film that can be watched at no cost, but well below the $100, 000 credit card debt Crumley and co-star Susan Buice racked up producing the flick.  However, if you scroll down the webpage you can see that there have been 1, 068 DVD copies of the movie sold, with half of the $15 price tag going to the filmmakers in addition to the standalone downloads.  Of those, the filmmakers once again take 50% of the sales of 66 iPod quality downloads at $3 apiece and likewise with the 113 $8 max. quality downloads.

They have also received more press attention since the release from Wired News on June 25 and Netribution back on June 12.  Here is a video of Arin Crumley’s interview with Hugh Hart from

Moving Into The Conceptual Age will be sure to continue to follow the saga of Four Eyed Monsters as well as highlight other innovative models in film distribution in the near future.


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