Computer And More Computers To Aid Developing Economies

June 16, 2007

I found this article interesting.  Apparently the biggest trend in the tech industry is the adoption of technology by the developing world.  There are approximately 775 million PCs in the world today and a study by Forrester Research has predicted there will be 2.25 billion PCs by the year 2015.  Stunningly, most of this growth will take place in the developing world.  While there will be alot of growth in countries such as India and China, the growth in Africa, the Middle East, and some Latin American countries is what really interests me. 

 Nau’s Eric Reynolds, in our correspondence, pointed me in the direction of a couple of books that would help me get to the heart of his business thinking.  One of the books, written by economist Jeffrey D. Sachs and entitled “The End Of Poverty: Economic Possibilities For Our Time” does an excellent job of  explaining the underlying causes of the economic problems countries with extreme poverty must deal with.  While I’m only halfway through the book (I recommend it to anyone interested in solving large-scale humanitarian and environment problems; Sachs knows his stuff), some of the ideas I’ve explored in it so far have resulted in my wondering what the effect of computers and internet access in some of these countries will be.  While it obviously wouldn’t solve all of the underlying issues causing slow economic development, it would provide opportunity for some to bring in the capital needed to begin addressing the issues.  Apparently the rich world is doing a sickenly inadequate job!  Could this allow the developing world to escape their poverty trap?  Skip the Green Revolution completely perhaps?  It remains to see.


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