7 Possible Business Trends Of The Near Future

June 14, 2007

I thought it might be a neat exercise to think about what some of the business trends of the future might be.  Here’s a list of seven business trends I believe we may see in the future:

1.  The intricacies of Mother Nature will dictate product and business design.

2.  Businesses will favor a philanthropic model.

3.  More for-profit businesses developing models that allow them to focus on solving environmental and humanitarian problems.

4.  Marketing moving online and into virtual worlds to a greater degree in order for businesses to save money.

5.  Equalizing of workers with graduate degrees and those that don’t in the corporate world as online personal branding becomes more and more important.

6.  Collaborations between workers in seemingly unrelated fields.  For example, biologists and engineers collaborating to design clothing.  (We’ll discuss this tomorrow)

7.  The age at which a worker enjoys his or her most lucrative years of employment will decrease.


2 Responses to “7 Possible Business Trends Of The Near Future”

  1. shwibbs Says:

    Everything will be electronic, materialized and on the internet. All technology will be integrated into common devices.

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