Paul McCartney Performs For Global Audience At Starbucks

June 13, 2007


 Paul McCartney In Earlier Days

Possibly due to a brilliant brand leveraging ploy, Paul McCartney’s 21st solo album entitled “Memory Almost Full” debuted at no. 3 on the US pop charts.  Starbucks has always marketed itself as a cultural experience rather than a coffee supplier, and has aimed to move beyond coffee recently with forays into the entertainment industry forming the Hear Music label with the Concord Music Group.  McCartney’s album is the first release on the new label.  Apparently the label signed McCartney after his contract with EMI ended, and McCartney had expressed his desire to find new avenues in which to market his solo album.


 Interestingly, Starbucks played “Memory Almost Full” all day in each of its stores around the world the day of its international release and the day before the US release.  Almost a subliminally-based marketing strategy!

The partnership should benefit both parties as Starbucks receives the “brand benefit” of McCartney who in turn should receive more royalties from the Hear Music label than EMI.  Check out the original article here.


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