Let’s Just Sit On The Couch And Outsource Everything!

June 8, 2007

I had bookmarked this article in the Wall Street Journal last weekend, written by Ellen Gamerman entitled, “Outsourcing Your Life“, and then quickly forgot about it.  I must address it, however, because I find it kind of bizarre.  Outsourcing of work to countries like India and China is commonplace in large corporations, and a growing trend in small business as well.  Outsourcing tasks from our personal lives is the next logical step apparently.  It really just seems like a lot of extra work to me!  Yes, I suppose that in some cases there is money to be saved.  But rather than look solely at the monetary costs involved, look at the opportunity cost.  Add in the time required to locate individuals or companies willing to do your various personal tasks and you’re probably not gaining a whole heck of alot.  Maybe in the future, if this becomes a larger trend and there are platforms developed solely for this type of business exchange, it could possibly become efficient enough to warrant doing.  It remains to be seen I guess!


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