“Flash Mob” Terrorist Group Uses Blog To Cause Global Market Crash!!!

June 6, 2007

My imagination kind of got carried away this morning.  Yesterday I was reading about the “flash mob” phenomenon while reading an article about the potential of marketing using mobile technologies today and in the near future.  I added that idea to the power of the blogosphere evident from the mistaken Engadget posting causing Apple to lose $4 billion in shareholder value and the usual “What’s happening in the terrorist world” news on CNN, and a scary mash-up occurred.  Could a terrorist group coordinate, using mobile technologies, a series of postings to be posted on different blogs that could affect investor fear levels to such an extent that we could have a worldwide market crash.  Enough fraudulent postings about influential companies on the various exchanges could potentially do alot of damage.  Scary when you think about it!


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